Saturday, January 17, 2015

wearing: Cos coat, top, trousers and scarf, Acne Studios sneakers, Celine leather tote bag

It's officially been my first week, since i've been back in gloomy miserable cold weather here in London. Second term has started, and the pile of work load are flying back in just in time for another round of stress for the colder months ahead. It's also 4:39 AM as I am writing this post, because guess what I am still jet-lagged (it's been a week..) i don't even know how thats possible considering I come home everyday exhausted from the things I do. But I still manage to wake up at odd hours of the night just trying to force myself to sleep, realising that I can't so I end up watching movies at 3 in the morning. Also writing this post, Hopefully I'll be able to sleep on a regular schedule soon, or else I can't even deal with the lack of sleep situation for the coming week. On another note Zoe shot these photos of me the other day, after our little lunch at the Monocle Cafe roaming around the streets of London as per usual. Also popping into Selfridges to gaze and admire at things we can't afford, oh wells that's the case when living abroad #studentbudget am i right?


Monday, January 5, 2015

Photographed and Styled by Yours Truly , Models: Chris and Silver

Cheers to the first post of 2015, here are some photos from my latest editorial with my two favourites Silver and Chris. This year I hope to do more creative and planned shoots, to spark up my portfolio and to let my creative juices run freely. If you would like to work with me whether your a make up artist, stylist or model feel free to message me whether I'm in London or Hong Kong! Also you guys can view the full editorial on my portfolio page ( http://www.bryantleee.com/two/ ) or you can view my other past works here . I hope you guys like this editorial, and I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring!

This series of photos was an exciting one for me to shoot, as it is the first editorial that I have used two models at once. Which worked out perfectly, I have been meaning to shoot this for a month or so now as the idea has been in my head since I was in London. Thank the weather God for the amazing weather poured down on us during our two shoot days. This editorial has been titled two, for the obvious reasons as there are two people involved, but also reminding me and I'm sure many of you that life is all about working with people we can't do everything alone. Even if we wanted to, as many of you can relate since being a perfectionist it creates a monster inside you that it will only be perfect if you work independently, but since studying in London at the London College of Fashion we have done so many collaborate works that I have finally realised that a union of ideas from others sparks creative interest within a group, but that's just my two cents take it or leave it.

Thank you to Silver and Chris for braving the winter cold/ weirdly heated weather in Hong Kong for the past two shoot days, it was a pleasure working with both of you again!

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