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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

YOUNG BY DILYS' is the junior line of the brand Dilys' known for it’s fine jewellery and exquisite diamonds. The whole concept for YOUNG BY DILYs' is to have a more affordable range, which also suits the taste for a younger age group. What I love about the brand’s junior line is the fact that you can layer any of their pieces with one another because they are all so dainty, without overloading your arm with jewellery.

For this collaboration with Young By Dilys' I chose to photograph their Celestial Eye and Lucky Coin collection. just because those were the two that stood out to me most. Not only are their jewellery pretty and eye catching but they all have a meaning. The collection for Celestial Eye each colour, gemstone has a meaning. Ruby (red) symbolises Love, ‘’the only way to eternity’’, Green Garnet (green) represents Hope, ‘’Embrace it, there are no impossibilities’’. Sapphire (blue), means Loyalty and Protection, ‘’Mesmerize your loved one with forever loyalty. There’s more to choose from considering their are 9 different gem stones, colours and diamonds combinations. Each piece can range from $980HKD - $8000, there is definitely a price range that suits every wallet. The Lucky coin collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese coin, which symbolises wealth, success and good fortune. This particular line comes with different variables like a double sided pendant covered in diamonds, or if you want a more simpler piece you can choose the lucky coin covered in 18K gold. 

 I would definitely recommend you guys to visit their online shop link at www.dilys-jewelleryshop.com for more of their jewellery and information of their other collections. There is also a special promo code for you guys, where you can get 20% off your purchase with my code Bryant20. This code will last until Sept 20, 2015 so get shopping! 


Monday, August 10, 2015

A few days ago I was in Korea for a trip with my family, we try to go somewhere (out of the country) together at least two or three times every summer its even more crucial now that my siblings and our parents all live in different places we are all spread out in New York, Los Angelos, London and Hong Kong! Sorry for the jpeg spam above, I realise I always tend to put alot of photos in my posts when I travel because I always have my camera with me and I just snap away. This trip was even more special then my previous trips because I got to meet my friends that I've made back in LCF foundation like Dinn, Jiesu and also got connected by my friend Yeonseo to meet Jeje. Of course at the same time experiencing it with my family. 

We had the chance to go to the Dior Exhibition at DDP Seoul, which was unusual for my family considering we never go to museums (unless if it was in Europe) whenever we travel because all we ever do is shop, eat, shop eat, and shop more! So that was a nice change and honestly if you are in Korea or will visit Seoul soon, please do and go check out the Dior Exhibition. Because guess what it's free, and its worth every ''free'' dollar honestly if we had to pay it would still be worth every penny. We also had another family outing along Han River Park, it was our first time visiting one of the locations for the Han River even though we've been to Seoul over 10 times as a family. We ended up riding bikes and it was the most freeing thing I've done in another country for awhile. It was pretty hilarious seeing my mom suffer when riding her bike, apparently it was too heavy for her so she ended up walking with the bike to catch up with the rest of us. Oh wells I guess we got our weekly exercise out of the way, phew! Overall this trip was full of surprised and new experiences. Where we ate way too much Korean Barbeque, chowed down on all the street food Seoul has to offer and ate beautiful Acai bowls, it was overall an excellent foodie trip! 

Hope you guys like these travel diaries, I've been posting! 


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