Tuesday, December 16, 2014

wearing: WEGO top, Opening Ceremony button down, Insight 51 jeans and Vans sneakers

Here is a way over-due post from this past summer where we were literally sweating buckets. It was so hot and humid which made it hard to enjoy the day out in Cheung Chau. But none the less it was fun to hang out with my two favourite girls Zoe and Natalie. I even developed a sun tan through out the day while riding bikes, I swear only half of my arm was tanned the other half was left pale and ghostly.

Also I have been getting into the world of photography, the past couple of months. You can now view my past photography and styling works on www.bryantleee.com / If you would like to shoot and you are in Hong Kong don't hesitate to contact me, i'll try my best to reply to as many of you as possible even though I'll be crazy busy during my stay here before I go back to London.

Photography by Natalie Chyi


Saturday, December 6, 2014

wearing & Other Stories jumper, Acne Studios jeans, Nathan's Prada Scarf and Givenchy Boots

Here are the last batch of photos that Natalie shot of me in Paris, which has taken me a month to show you guys! We literally shot this 30 minutes before we had to leave our fabulous apartment, talk about procrastination am i right? Of course the most amaze balls Natalie can make me look cute even in the most simple comfortable train attire, love you! I also got to snuggle up in Nathan's scarf which was just oh so soft and cuddly.

Photography by: Natalie Chyi

instagram: @bryantlives


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