Monday, September 22, 2014

Photographed and Styled by Me, Model: Silver

SILVER // Here is the long-awaited editorial that I have been meaning to post for weeks now, Silver and I shot these photos a little over three weeks ago on a bipolar weather kind of day. Which resulted in camping under an umbrella at times, with beautiful sunny weather to end off our shoot. For this shoot I wanted to portray a very innocent, youthful feeling in the photos which I hope you can see in these photos. Thank you, Silver for being such a great model and putting up with the harsh weather conditions and the hike up to the mountain.

Oh and I recently started a mini (unofficial) portfolio for my photography and styling stuff, you can see my recent works here at www.mrbrybry.tumblr.com !

P.S : I'm moving to London this wednesday for University, if you have any cool places to recommend please let me know, thanks!


Monday, September 15, 2014

wearing: Monki Checkered scarf + Overalls, Alexander Wang Tee,  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Yes I wore a scarf under a 31 degree weather condition and yes I did sweat non stop.
I picked these overalls up a little over two weeks ago, and thought they would go well with anything, really. It's versatile enough to wear it just as it is or under a top and make them look like checkered trousers. I've also been on a sneaker craze phase, finally got these when I was back in LA where I mainly debated on the original black and white ones or these. But in the end I opted for both, which I am so happy about because they are both so similar but different if you get what I mean.

Photos by: Josephine Cheng

instagram: @bryantlives


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