Thursday, July 30, 2015

Photos taken by Melody and I  

Apologies for the explosions of jpeg-ness that is in this post, there was just to many beautiful sights in Marrakech! This past June, I embarked on a two day adventure with my friends Melody and Angela to Marrakech. It was one of the most spontaneous trips I've ever been on considering Melody asked me to go on this trip with her 12 hours before we were going to depart London. I've never actually done something in my life that was that spontaneous, but I do not regret my decision at all. P.S I had a huge final major deadline a day after I landed, ooh look at me crazy wild child. Though the weather was hot, It was a good breather for the chilly summer days we had back in London. I have to say I probably drank way too much orange juice during my 48 hour stay, considering it was so cheap and so fresh. I drank more then 6 cups a day, it was just too good! Though the souks were filled with tourist trap goodies and souvenirs I was sucked into it spending way too much on things that I don't really need but who cares I was on vacation mode. During our stay we got to visit the Yves Saint Laurent garden, which was so beautiful, from the cacti heaven to the cobalt blue painted buildings it was just oh so magical, we even got to ride on the horse trolleys that took us around which was such a fun experience. 

I always say ''couldn't of asked for a better.....'' in a lot of my texts/internet confessions. But honestly I couldn't of asked for a better person to travel and explore a new city with and that is Melody. Thank you for putting up with my ''Prince disease, here in Marrakech and during our trip in Amsterdam and just me in general. I always take advantage of you, even though I know I shouldn't. Love you ~ 

Also you can watch snippets of my Morocco trip here, in my June Video Diary. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hanna By Me 

Sorry for my long absent here on my little web space, the reason I haven't been updating this blog was because of a technical difficulty that I've been having regarding the photos being overly pixelated when exporting. Now that it has been resolved, I will definitely update this place more with my travels, editorials, and my life. 
I hope you guys like this series of photos with Hanna Chan, thanks to Oscar for connecting us and accompanying us on the shoot. What I love most about shooting is the unexpected locations we stumble upon when exploring spaces in the area. We ended up in an industrial building, a bit abandoned with a rustic, raw vibe to it also shooting by the waters worked really well. It's always an adventure, and I love it! 

Thanks to Hanna and Oscar for making this shoot happen, can't wait to shoot you both again. 

If you would like to view more photos taken by me you can head over to my portfolio site at www.bryantleee.com ~ 

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