Monday, September 15, 2014

wearing: Monki Checkered scarf + Overalls, Alexander Wang Tee,  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Yes I wore a scarf under a 31 degree weather condition and yes I did sweat non stop.
I picked these overalls up a little over two weeks ago, and thought they would go well with anything, really. It's versatile enough to wear it just as it is or under a top and make them look like checkered trousers. I've also been on a sneaker craze phase, finally got these when I was back in LA where I mainly debated on the original black and white ones or these. But in the end I opted for both, which I am so happy about because they are both so similar but different if you get what I mean.

Photos by: Josephine Cheng


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Originally I planned on making a LA and NY video diary instead, but made this summer video diary because I have filmed so many other clips during this summer that is worth sharing. In this video you will see snippets of my life during the summer, from trips to LA and NYC. Quick cameos featuring a bunch of my favourite people and probably yours too (watch and see who's in it!). Honestly this has been one of the most eventful summers I have had in all my years on this earth. I have made so many new friends, met so many new and amazing people who inspire me everyday. Everyone in this video has made a great impact on my life, and I don't even know where to begin to praise every single one of them. Truly an unforgettable summer captured through my iPhone 5S and Canon EOS 70d. I hope you guys like this video and stay tuned for more wonderful updates in the future from this little internet space of mine.

instagram: @bryantlives


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